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If Your Favourite TV Homes Were on AirBnB

AirBnb is such a great way to travel. It’s much more than just a comfy bed and the chance at a home cooked meal. You get to meet new people and experience a place like the locals live it.

But what would happen if the characters and shows that we know and love were listed on AirBnB?

You could join in a Proudman family dinner. Eat fish and chips on the Bay with Alf Stewart and his ilk. Or perhaps pop down to Lassiter's with Karl and Susan for a cheeky glass of wine.

Scroll down to see how Sleeping Duck imagined our favourite TV homes as listed on AirBnB.

Have a glass of wine with Geraldine

If the Offspring house was listed on AirBnB


Shoot the breeze with Alf Stewart

If Summer Bay house was listed on AirBnB


Head to Lassiter’s with Karl and Susan

If Neighbours were listed on AirBnB

Of course travelling is great, but there’s nothing nicer than coming home to your own bed (especially if it’s a Sleeping Duck mattress).

Let us know in the comments what your favourite TV home is and how it would be listed on AirBnB.