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5th May 2015

G’Day UK!

After a successful year in Australia, we’ve recently spread our wings and migrated north to launch Sleeping Duck in the UK.

We often get asked how, as a relatively new start-up, we can compete with big name brands that have been in the industry for 50+ years.

It’s relatively simple. We listened!

Old Street Roundabout, London

What we found

Before starting Sleeping Duck we listened to hundreds of customer experiences and found ourselves on the other end of three common conversations:

1. “The mattress felt great in store, but not at home. It was next to impossible to return or exchange it.”

2. “There are so many mattresses to choose from. What’s the difference?”

3. “Why such a major price variation and how come they’re always on sale?”

Since arriving in the UK, the accents are noticeably different but the conversations remain the same.

The above questions sum up everything wrong with the mattress industry so we’ve set out to turn the industry on its head (and perhaps ruffle a few feathers along the way).

It also helps that we’re not salesmen. We come from engineering backgrounds. We see things as problems and solutions. Not as pitches and commissions.

What we did about it

We put all our effort into designing one mattress ─ just one ─ that contains the optimal combination of memory foam, latex and pocket springs.

We added a personalisation component ─ a world first ─ so customers can easily adjust the feel and firmness if they find it too hard/soft.

We manufacture and retail the mattress ourselves to keep prices fair not inflated.

We also throw in a 100 night risk-free guarantee.

No strings attached.

I’m going to be here on the ground in London, so if you have any questions I’d love to hear from you!

Winston WijeyeratneEntrepreneur & Sleep Evangelist

Winston is the Co-founder of Sleeping Duck mattresses. Frustrated by the expensive, tedious, and confusing process of buying a bed, Winston and co-founder Selvam rolled up their sleeves and literally make their own bed, Sleeping Duck.

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About us

Hatched in 2014, Sleeping Duck was founded by Melbourne-based engineers Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan. Frustrated by the expensive, tedious, and confusing process of buying a bed, the duo took on the mattress industry.

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