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Never going to bed angry can be hard work so we put together some quirky stories to make you smile.

Nap to the Future: The Sci-Fi Sleep Ideas That May Become a Reality

Ever wondered what sleep may look like in the future? We explore how sleep may go from science fiction dream to eyes-wide-shut reality.

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Sleep Tight: A Quick Look At Mattresses Throughout History

We've put a lot of thought (and a whole heap of research and testing) to design the perfect mattress.

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Real Life Haunted Hotels in Australia

Have you been getting into the latest American Horror Story: Hotel? We're completely hooked. The series is set in the enigmatic Hotel Cortez, Los Angeles, home to a mysterious group of guests who never seem to leave. If you're keen to spend the night in a real-life Hotel Cortez, we've found some of Australia's creepiest […]

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Are Cheese Dreams Real? Sleeping Duck Investigates

We're sure just about every cheese lover has had a heated discussion about whether eating cheese before bed has any affect on their sleep. Most of us are guilty of popping a piece of creamy brie or sharp cheddar into our mouths in the hours after dinner. And we've long been convinced that this action […]

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8 Great British Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Earlier this year, some of our team spread their wings and migrated north to launch Sleeping Duck in the UK. And in an effort to learn more about our new adopted country, we've pulled together some of our favourite (and random) facts about the fair island.

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If Your Favourite TV Homes Were on AirBnB

AirBnb is such a great way to travel. It’s much more than just a comfy bed and the chance at a home cooked meal. You get to meet new people and experience a place like the locals live it. But what would happen if the characters and shows that we know and love were listed […]

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Breakfasts Around the World

While travelling is great for expanding your worldview, it can also be expensive and usually involves putting on pants. So we've rounded up a selection of delicious breakfasts from around the world. Instead of hopping on a plane to get a taste of a new culture, you can now just cook up one of these breakfasts and get […]

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Medium or Firm? How to Choose the Right Mattress

Struggling to choose which mattress is best for you? Here at Sleeping Duck we want to help you make the right decision so we've put together the ultimate mattress flowchart to help you out.

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Who’s Afraid Of The Dark? The Books You Shouldn’t Read Before Bed

There's nothing quite like hopping into bed at night and snuggling down under the covers with a good book. Drifting off to sleep with the words floating around your mind, filling your dreams. Bliss!

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Top ten funny sleep ecards

We take sleep seriously at Sleeping Duck, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a bit of bedroom humour. So we’ve rounded up our favourite sleep ecards for your reading pleasure. No truer words have been spoken.

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