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Give The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

Ah sleep. Ask just about anyone what they'd really like this Christmas and we're sure more shut eye is right on the top of their wishlist.

Unlike a new bike, more sleep isn't something that can just be pulled out of Santa's sack to be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

But thanks to these nifty gadgets and smart technology, you can gift your loved ones a better night's sleep.

Sleeping Duck Mattress

The hunt for the perfect mattress is enough to keep anyone awake at night. So of course we had to include a Sleeping Duck mattress in the list.

Designed by some super clever engineers in Melbourne, this is guaranteed to be the best thing you've ever laid down on. The Sleeping Duck mattress features bamboo fabric and natural latex for a cool night's sleep, plus high-density foam and pocket springs for optimum support no matter how you lie. Select your size and firmness and the whole lot is wrapped up and delivered direct to your bedroom.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone (sleeping) close to you. Order yours today from

Withings Aura

We imagine that the hypersleep pods in Aliens are kitted out with something similar to the Aura from French smart-tech company Withings.

Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

This sleep monitor features a movement-sensitive pad that you place under your mattress, which monitors your movement, heart rate and respiration throughout the night. There's also a smart bedside light cum alarm clock that collects data on your sleeping environment (noise and temperature) whilst soothing you with new age sounds and gently fluctuating light patterns. Once all the data is collated, the system works out the optimum time to wake you in the morning to avoid that groggy, hungover-feeling.

The whole lot is connected to an app on your smartphone (iOS and Android) to help you analyse your sleep and hopefully find ways to improve it.

This advanced system comes with an advanced price. Check out for more details.

Jawbone UP3

A few of the Sleeping Duck team have already asked Santa for one of these fancy wearable trackers.

The Jawbone UP3 has been billed as the most advanced wearable tracker out there. And with good reason. These stylish bracelets track everything from your heart rate, to activity and sleep.

The UP3 tracker has clever sensors that automatically measure your heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature as you sleep. It also contains an accelerometer that detects each stage of sleep from Wake, REM, Light and Deep.


And even though this is meant to be a health tracker, we love that Jawbone have packaged it up in a stylish wristband that looks not unlike a slimline bracelet or watch. Not cheap, but certainly worth it if you (or your buddy) are serious about tracking your health. Check out


If the idea of controlling your dreams ala Inception appeals to you then you'll love the Remee sleep mask.

Appearing like an ordinary eye mask, this actually contains small electronics that light up to increase the frequency of your lucid dreams. In a lucid dream state you become aware that you're dreaming and are able to control what happens to you.

Image source:
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Now you might wonder why you'd bother trying to control your own dreams. Fair enough. But we love the idea of being able to try out all those things and situations that might be impossible in real life. Like flying. Or travelling back in time.

You can grab Remee from their website. Sweet dreams.

Got a cool sleep-tech present that you think we should include? Let us know in the comments below.