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29th September 2015

Breakfasts Around the World

While travelling is great for expanding your worldview, it can also be expensive and usually involves putting on pants.

So we’ve rounded up a selection of delicious breakfasts from around the world. Instead of hopping on a plane to get a taste of a new culture, you can now just cook up one of these breakfasts and get a taste of a new culture.

Breakfast in: China

China has a diverse range of regions, each with their own culinary delights. A typical breakfast varies depending on where you are and if you’re in an urban or country area.

Youtiao is a common breakfast snack which locals buy at the mornings markets across China. It’s deep fried sticks of dough, which are often dipped into bowls of hot soya milk, called doujiang.

Breakfasts in: India

As with China, breakfasts in India vary widely depending on the region.

A popular southern India breakfast is idli, which is a steamed rice cake that’s served alongside chutney and samba. The idli is just perfect for soaking up the liquid and popping into your mouth. This dish often comes with a savoury donut-looking thing called vada.

Breakfast in: Poland

A Polish breakfast includes a bread or a roll with a selection of sweet and savoury toppings. You’ll often find deli meats, cheese and sliced tomato alongside jam, honey or nutella. And if you’re lucky you’ll get boiled, scrambled or fried eggs sprinkled with green

Breakfast in Cambodia

Head out in the morning in Cambodia and you’ll spot plenty of locals slurping down kuy teav at small stalls and cafes. Kuy teav is rice noodle soup served with chopped up meat and vegetables. Toppings include bean sprouts, lime wedges, chilli paste, fish sauce and herbs.

Breakfast in Turkey

The word for breakfast in Turkish is “kahvaltı”, which can be translated as “kahve–altı” or “being under coffee”. This roughly translates as the meal you eat before coffee. And what a meal! Turkish breakfasts involved a wide selection of dishes, including cheeses, olives, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, plus cooked eggs and sometimes sucuk – which is a dried sausage. And of course it’s only fitting that you end your breakfast with a strong, thick cup of Turkish coffee.

Breakfast in Costa Rica

The people of this tropical paradise wake up to a plate of gallo pinto, which is seasoned white rice and beans. This is usually paired with eggs, avocado, fried sweet plantain and meat, although there are heaps of side dish variations.

Breakfast in the UK

It’s hard to go past the classic English fry up. And while some of the sides might change depending on whether you’re in Ireland, Scotland or Wales it’s usually pretty recognizable for what it is.

Eggs, sausages, bacon and toast are “artfully” arranged on a plate. This is often accompanied by beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and just maybe a slice of (you-either-love-it-or-hate-it) blood pudding.

And in fact us Aussies love it so much that we’ve adopted this fry up as our national breakfast as well (although it’s sometimes Australian-ised with the addition of vegemite toast).

But we’ve also given something to our British friends. We’ve sent Sleeping Duck back across the pond to help ensure our pommy mates wake up feeling refreshed before tucking into breakfast. And we’re even prouder to say that Sleeping Duck mattresses are now also made in the UK.

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