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18th November 2015

Are Cheese Dreams Real? Sleeping Duck Investigates

We’re sure just about every cheese lover has had a heated discussion about whether eating cheese before bed has any affect on their sleep.

Most of us are guilty of popping a piece of creamy brie or sharp cheddar into our mouths in the hours after dinner. And we’ve long been convinced that this action leads to some pretty wacky dreams.

And it turns out we’re right.

It’s science, folks.

Yep, a study conducted by the British Cheese Board (which is probably the best name for an organisation ever) found that different cheeses really do affect what you dream about.

An experiment was conducted to find out if eating cheese before bed causes nightmares, as has been alleged (probably by non-cheese-eating partners).

Well it turns out there’s no evidence that eating cheese before bed causes Freddy Krueger to appear while you’re asleep.

But the study did find different cheeses can affect the type of dreams you have.

The experiment was conducted in 2005 and involved 100 male and 100 female fromage fans.

People were given an 85 gram piece of cheese to eat just before bed time. Different participants were given different types of cheese and they then had to record their dreams and any other weird sleep stuff they experienced.

In good news, around 75% of the participants said they slept pretty well and had no nightmares to report. The researchers concluded that tryptophan – an essential amino acid found in milk (and therefore cheese) – helped to stabilise the participants sleep patterns and give them a restful nights sleep.

However the unexpected result was that it appears different cheeses cause different types of dreams.

The participants who ate a piece of cheddar just before bed seemed to record dreams involving celebrities and well-known soapie characters from shows like Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

The distinctive orangey-coloured Red Leicester cheese seemed to cause nostalgic dreams, with 60 % of the Red Leicester eaters reporting dreams about fond memories of their childhood.

Weirdly, two-thirds of people who ate Lancashire cheese dreamt about work.

Stilton cheese caused the most vivid and unusual dreams, with 75% of male and 85% of female stilton eaters recording bizarre dreams, including talking soft toys, sideways-moving lifts, a vegetarian crocodile, kitten-wielding soldiers and a party in a lunatic asylum. Notably, none of these dreams were reported to be bad experiences.

And finally, for a good night’s sleep you should apparently be eating Cheshire cheese just before bed with most participants reporting pleasant or no dreams at all.

At Sleeping Duck we care about your sleep. So whether you’re a friend of fromage or prefer a simple glass of milk before bed, we’re here to ensure that when you do nod off you have a supported and comfortable night’s sleep. Although that party in a lunatic asylum also sounds fun…

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